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I’m Jenn and I am the American half of Who Needs Maps. I am from Los Angeles and I love nothing more than to go on that spontaneous adventure. I have traveled around The States, Europe, Mexico, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, obviously with more to come. I have my travel partner and the Aussie other half of Who Needs Maps, Jack, to push me to do all the crazy things we can! In theory, I want to do everything, but in reality, I am hesitant, but I WILL try to do everything! Together, we have moved to each respective countries, fought hard to make it work while we were apart, and traveled to make the relationship work. We are coffee fiends, we love the adventure, and we love to do it on a budget. We can help on couple's travels, budget adventures, and fun fact, Jack and I are both in social media and digital marketing (and customer acquisition), so we can definitely advise on that.


10 text/email questions$45.00
30 minute conversation for itinerary planning$60.00
30 minute conversation about my profession$60.00
1-3 day custom travel itinerary$100.00
4-7 day custom travel itinerary$120.00

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